Twisted Sistuhs: Marketing Analysis


Twisted Sistuhs is a wine producing company that was established in 2019 and operates locally in Nashville. It was originally found by four Afro-American women friends, but currently there are only two of them left to be in charge of the business. The company primarily concentrates on producing red wine with a special emphasis on Cabernet and Barbera grape sorts which come from a privately-owned vineyard in Lodi, California. Moreover, Twisted Sistuhs use Merlot and Syrah to introduce a special Red Wine Blend which may either have the notes of blackberries, vanilla spices, cherry, and cocoa or earthy flavor. The taste is mostly determined by the length of time that the wine was aged in the American oak (Bourbon) barrel. To get the former blend the company ages the wine for three months, whereas to receive the latter flavor, the wine is aged for eighteen months. Additionally, the customers are offered Moscato white wine and Sweet Red Blend.

As any other business Twisted Sistuhs necessitate to promote their products using marketing means. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the three major advantages of the company, which facilitate the promotion of the brand and its products to the customers. Moreover, it is important to analyze what social media channels business uses and what is the content that is being shared with the potential buyers.

The first important asset that the company possesses is that it was established by black women. That fact can be increasingly attractive to the local community because it follows the modern societal trends of inclusion and equality of historically underrepresented groups. Therefore it may, first of all, attract the customers who desire to assist the process of achieving historical justice. In this regard, potential clients may think that by purchasing the products of Twisted Sistuhs, they have the opportunity to enjoy the wine and realize their social duties. Additionally, it may appeal specifically to people of Afro-American origin and other minority groups as it inspires a sense of compassion and pride for the owners. Finally, for the similar reason, it appeals to all women in general. Moreover, the fact that veterans own the business may further increase customers’ sympathies towards the brand.

Secondly, Twisted Sistuhs positions itself as the product that unites people and accompanies meetings and parties. As it was mentioned previously, the brand was established by four friends who like spending time together. In this regard, their product can be considered as the symbol of such a deep connection between people. Therefore, their wine is not only the merchandise that delivers a good drinking experience but also intends to facilitate interaction and building of close relations between people.

Finally, the brand seeks to integrate the mystical element into the consumption process. The four founders belong to different zodiac elements, including water, earth, fire, and air signs, which create special energetic synergy and, thus, bring more goodness to the group (Twisted Sistuhs, n.d.a). In this regard, the company releases special zodiac editions praising specific elements which symbolically represent their desire to share increased goodness with their customers.

Social Media Analysis

The company uses three platforms to communicate with potential and current clients: website, Facebook and Instagram. The analysis revealed that through these channels, the brand seeks to establish close relations with its customers. For instance, many posts on Facebook are accompanied by questions to the viewers concerning their opinion on the brand’s products and wine consumption in general (Twisted Sistuhs, n.d.b). Moreover, the company announces the launch of new merchandise and new events.


Overall, the current essay determined three advantages that Twisted Sistuhs company can use for the successful promotion of its products. They included ownership by a minority group, aim at uniting people, and inclusion of mystical elements in the consumption experience. Moreover, the main social media channels that the company uses were analyzed. It was found that the company has a personal website and Facebook and Instagram accounts. These platforms were found to aim at building good relationships with the customers and providing information.


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