Unpaid Maternity Leave Is Bad for Our Country


More mothers each year are leaving work due to the need to carry and take care of a child remain without benefits from employers. This problem is striking since, in modern society, the concepts of humanity, successful management of human resources, and general respect for employees are increasingly spreading. This scientific work aims to consider the problem of non-payment of maternity leave during pregnancy and what adverse effect this can have on modern society. Therefore, during the study, it was determined that the main negative aspects for society could be the deterioration of business, the health of mothers and children, and a blow to the social security system.

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Thus, this research paper supports the view that unpaid pregnancy benefits negatively affect society. Research shows that “the fact that the United States is the only industrialized nation in the world without guaranteed paid maternity leave is deeply troubling, and poses problems beyond being a shameful statistic” (Forsyth 380). Therefore, short paid maternity leave contributes to the delay in the development and health of newborn children. This is due to the fact that in these conditions, new mothers have to start working immediately after the birth of a child. Because of this, they pay less attention to newborns visit a doctor less often, which can affect the occurrence of serious diseases. Moreover, problems with physical, and especially with psychological health, can begin with the mothers themselves. Hence, there may be postpartum depression and problems that may result from the refusal of breastfeeding (Sun 1). Thus, it turns out a vicious circle, where the health and well-being of the mother directly affect the child.

Paid maternity leave will give women time to recover or to start this process. However, many women have to return to work within a short time after giving birth, where they begin to work at full strength. This can be critically dangerous for their health and affect their ability to take care of the child. Additionally, the problem under study may have a bad impact on the social security policy in the country. This may be caused by the fact that people, due to lack of money, will get into debt and take loans from banks. Moreover, they will turn to social services for help, which will place an additional burden on this sector.

Another argument is that an unpaid decree can affect the business development. One of the positive aspects of paid maternity leave is the improvement of the mother’s health, rapid recovery, and motivation to return to work. Thus, insufficient funding from the employer can negatively affect the desire of women to return to work. It will also have an unsatisfactory effect on the productivity of the organization and, first of all, on the reputation of managers in the face of employees. Further, there may be dissatisfied unrest within the company, which may also lead to the dismissal of some employees. In the absence of assistance from the employer, the female part of employees may subsequently decrease productivity. Paid maternity leave also increases employee retention rates in companies. In addition, when laying off staff, a business can spend much money on finding, interviewing, and training new employees, which will also lower-key indicators of productivity and competitiveness.

A public initiative can have a strong influence on the formation of a policy regarding unpaid maternity leave. This is due to the fact that society is more likely to become a victim of incorrect government decisions. Thus, if this sphere in the country suffers, then such as politics, the economy, and the government suffer. It is essential to establish a structured and informative awareness of the importance of maternity leave for women. Moreover, this is also due to the fact that the way a woman educates and cares for a child in the first days of life affects the health of the future generation. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly establish legislation in all states that will provide adequate support to young mothers. This includes both regulations of the rules of action and the amount of payments in accordance with certain criteria.


In conclusion, this paper discussed the problem of unpaid maternity leave as a factor of negative impact on the country. This aspect affects the work of companies and social security services. In addition, the most crucial aspect for any woman after childbirth is to reduce the risk of postpartum depression. However, in the absence of means of subsistence, many return to work too quickly, which can have an unsatisfactory effect on many aspects of a woman’s life and her family as a unit of society. Thus, it is necessary to implement actions on the part of the state and society to change the situation. Hence, it is necessary to establish clear legislation on paid maternity leave in all states. Ensuring proper payment and support from the employer is also critical. After all, the societal values of loyalty and responsibility should encourage employers to support new mothers.

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