Creating a Personal Code of Ethics

A personal code of ethics refers to a set of guidelines and principles that govern the basis of decision-making for an individual when he or she interacts with people. This paper will discuss my personal code of ethics. It is important to note that the ethical behaviors that I find important to me include integrity, honesty, confidentiality, respect, and accountability. As such, these behaviors will provide the basis for my personal code of ethics.

First, I will treat and address everyone with respect at all times. Since I would also like to be treated with respect, it will also be fair on my side to treat them with respect. Moreover, by respecting others, I will be able to avoid confrontations with the people I interact with.

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Second, I will be an honest person as I understand the importance of staying truthful and genuine at all times whenever I am interacting with people. In addition, I also understand that staying honest is a behavior that does not come easily, and therefore I will have to prioritize it in whatever I do.

Thirdly, I will keep matters confidential, especially those issues that my friends have entrusted me to keep secret. This will enable me to build trust and loyalty with my friends. Furthermore, I would not want my friends to share the secrets we hold dear.

Fourth, I will be an integral person who honors his commitments and promises. It is important to understand that as social beings, trustworthiness and loyalty are essential aspects of relationships. Thus, by upholding integrity, I will not disappoint my friends the same way I would not want to get disappointed by them either.

Fifth, accountability is also an ethical behavior that I plan to uphold. As such, I understand that everyone is not perfect, including myself. For this reason, I am aware that I have to take responsibility for my actions by staying accountable.

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To conclude, by living up to my personal code of ethics, I believe that I can be able to live in peace and harmony with the people I interact with. Also, my personal code of ethics will help me to make certain critical decisions in life.

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