Fun Time Corporation’s Product Innovation

Executive Summary

It is expected that toys with the requirement to construct, design, and apply other creative and critical skills in children will be in demand in the near future (Fernandez,2020).

Children today are outgrowing toys at younger ages, requiring tech toys such as tablets, phones, and video games that assist with learning and other devices that can help promote their creativity (Al Bari, 2021). Following this, conventional toys and goods for the hobby are becoming less popular for the last few years. The purchase of these types of products is predicted to decrease for the next years, with smart technologies replacing them (Fernandez, 2020).


The ascent of the computerized age has made science, innovation, designing, and arithmetic instruction more basic than any other time in recent memory. Early STEM education can advance continuous scholastic achievement, and youngsters who learn STEM ideas all through their schooling are more ready to meet progressively innovation-centered proficient prerequisites. Technical talent is determined to be the indication of the young generation’s successful life.

Value Proposition

This toy will support a variety of developmental milestones in children aged three and older, including repeating after peers and adults, categorizing objects with similar features, working with buttons, machines, constructing and transferrable parts, and solving entry-level puzzles.

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