Functional Nursing Model Advantages and Disadvantages


The functional nursing model is a method that has been practiced by nurses for decades. It is supported by a hierarchical framework, with the most advanced, demanding jobs being handled by experienced, highly qualified nurses. Functional nursing is based on a team ethic and generates a list of processes that are carried out by various employees to ensure that patient care is delivered efficiently (Fowler, 2016). To free some time for highly skilled nurses, more junior nurses must monitor fundamental chores. When there are many patients and only a few professional nurses, functional nursing is the optimum practice. However, it is essential to understand that this model only works for short-term use, as it focuses on specific injuries, symptoms, or illnesses.

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Meanwhile, nursing models are related to the Evidence-Based practice in order to make the most effective approach. Nurses can use evidence-based practice models to help them put research into practice. These models can help nurses take a more systematic approach to evidence-based practice, avoid partial adoption, and make better use of their time and resources. (Fowler, 2016). Additionally, Evidence-Based practice in collaboration with nursing models not only assists nurses in integrating reliable evidence into practice. They also ensure that EBP projects are fully implemented and that nurses’ time and healthcare resources are maximized.

Besides, the functional nursing model has several significant advantages that can create an environment of innovation and evidentiary dynamics. Firstly, since all responsibilities are distributed between workers, it allows most work to be accomplished in a short period of time; it also makes it possible for workers to gain skills faster because the task is repetitive. Secondly, nurse’s aides are trained to offer a certain level of care and could only perform the tasks that they were capable of, which increases the treatment efficiency. Finally, because fewer registered nurses are required, it is a cost-effective model.

Nursing informatics has had and will continue to have to change to meet the changing needs of the healthcare system in order to satisfy the demands of patients. Building the trust necessary to realize the potential benefits of electronic health information interchange requires ensuring the privacy and security of health information. One of the most effective types of information technology that can assist in managing and protecting data is The Electronic Health Record. EHR is a doctor and nurse documentation resource for patient care information. It is an important aspect of providing comprehensive patient care. For both nurses and consumers, electronic health records have numerous advantages, including improved service quality, increased convenience and efficiency, and access to financial incentives. (Gellert et al., 2017). EHR can be successfully used with the functional nursing model since every nurse is capable of using this resource, which makes the working process more convenient and advanced. Moreover, while using Electronic Health Record, nurses can be sure that patients’ health information is protected.


To summarize everything that has been provided so far, the functional nursing model is an effective way to organize work and provide an Evidence-Based practice. Besides, this method can be combined with the usage of The Electronic Health Record, which allows higher efficiency and development of the medical approach to patients. Overall, those systems provide better quality, convenience, and effectiveness of the treatment process for nurses as well as patients.


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