Integrated Marketing Communications: Advantages and Disadvantages


Each marketing communication tool has certain advantages along with disadvantages. Every tool has a specific purpose in terms of achieving the set goals of product promotion. Therefore the most effective promotion option will be an integrated marketing communication or IMC. The main reason why integrated marketing communications are important to marketers is that it allows them to coordinate and strengthen their communications for maximum impact (Unnamed Author, 2010). The benefit of implementing IMC is the notion that combining different marketing communication tools allows a marketer to get a synergy effect. It is true since the combinatory use of separate marketing tools enables one to achieve greater results than when they are used separately. The synergy effect is achieved by comprising the advantages inherent in each marketing communication tool separately.

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The challenge is that IMC focuses on two issues at once, such as communication message creation and maximizing marketing outcomes. However, IMC is still preferable because traditional marketing communication methods are becoming less effective due to the large number of advertisements occurring during that period of time. There is a modification of already existing types of information channels in the field of marketing communications, as well as the emergence of new elements of communications. In addition, there can be changes in the motives and needs of consumers that might affect their purchasing power.

A primary benefit of advertising online is cost availability, accessibility, and efficiency. The traditional means of advertisement are highly expensive when compared to online alternatives since the range of price input can be minimally low, whereas the latter bar is significantly higher for traditional advertisement options. For example, a person might use Google Ads as a form of online advisement, and the frequency and duration of the campaign are determined by the deposited sum. Therefore, an advertiser can change the preferences in accordance with his or her needs. Therefore, advertising online is primarily more accessible and efficient compared to traditional methods.

It is important to note that Akamu satisfies a basic human need, making the product an essential one. However, human thirst can be satisfied through a wide range of methods, which include tap water, bottled water, and other forms of beverages. Thus, Akamu is competing not only with products but also with almost freely available options, making the market highly competitive. Therefore, the marketing decision should be focused on Akamu’s brand and a compelling story centered around the beverage. The marketing campaign needs to be aggressive and expansive, which will require significant resources. Both online and offline marketing methods need to be implemented in order to increase reach and raise brand awareness. The creation of complex of marketing communications allows the company to achieve its objectives and ensure the implementation of the goal.


In conclusion, IMC is a highly useful approach for marketers since it focuses on synergy and communication. Although there are some challenges in regard to implementation, the benefits are also substantial. Online advertising’s primary benefit is accessibility due to the more efficient use of allocated resources when compared to traditional means of marketing. In the case of Akamu beverage, marketing needs to create a compelling story and increase brand awareness. Communications are changing under the influence of technology development and changes in consumer behavior. One of the key improvements is the combination of different types of communication, which creates an effective message to convey the necessary information to the target audience and, as a result, encourages a series of purchases.


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