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This study shows that the positive effects of brand logos on customer brand commitment and firm performance are primarily due to facilitating customer self-identity/expressiveness, representing a brand’s functional benefits, and providing aesthetic appeal, rather than enabling brand identification as is currently understood.

Brand names and visual symbols as logos are more successful at generating these advantages, and the influence of the three aforementioned brand logo benefits on consumer brand commitment and firm performance is dependent on how much a company exploits its brand (i.e., employs brand extensions to different product categories).

Consumer Target Group & Brand Persona

Turkey, specifically Istanbul, is a relatively young and dynamic market with multiple businesses opening each year. Statistics show that more males are business owners compared to women, yet all entrepreneurs selling products will be able to use our platform (OECD, 2021). Moreover, one in a thousand people in Turkey own a company. Thus, based on the population of Istanbul, the target population is 15,460 people. There are young and innovative business owners because most people who have a start-up are statistically young. They look for comfortable online solutions to their inconveniences, which is why LSAway will become a timesaver.

Competitive Benchmark, Pod, Added Value

Logistics Plus has more than 1000 employees and has been on the market for the last 25 years. Moreover, the company operates in over 30 countries and has been established as a vehicle routing optimization and tracking company. A much bigger rival would be MAERSK, an organization specializing in supply chain operations. The Danish company provides services in multiple countries, including Turkey. Although it is not a local company, it provides similar services and works with businesses that can become LSAway customers.


The initial estimation suggests the optimal rate of 10% of the delivery cost which the customer pays to the service provider. The estimated number of users is 5K, a third of the total target market. Because the platform allows users to search for multiple deals, the estimated time per session on the website is 20 minutes. The standard delivery cost, as estimated based on the fact that the platform will be new and yet to have a loyal customer base, is 140 TL, from which the platform will take 10%. The international shipping fee will be higher, yet the rate that the platform will retain will remain the same.

Business Case & Model

We plan to have a set rate of 15% to allow equal opportunity for all shipping and delivery services. Thus, the rate is the same for both domestic and delivery services, which is why the profit depends on the rate that the service provider has. In case the business seeks a one-time, domestic delivery of small goods within Istanbul and the cost of the operation is 100 TL, our revenue is 15TL. In other cases, when large loads are to be delivered long-distance, and the cost is 4000TL, our revenue from the transaction is 600TL per transaction. The first delivery that a client makes is cheaper since we will only take a 5% delivery fee to encourage the customer to continue using our platform.


During the first year, our target is to have 10k users on the website with 500 active customers who have made at least one transaction during 2022. We expect to have 10,000 transactions in total because businesses require frequent delivery services. The estimated revenue for each transaction is 100 TL because most domestic and international shipping services will be provided. The number of customers is expected to grow by 2,000 till year three, similar to the number of transactions and revenue. By year five, we expect to have 10,00 customers, 200,000 transactions, and 21,261,000 TL in revenue.


The keywords that we focus on in terms of advertising include the name of our company, LSAway, and companies within the same industry. DHL, Logistics Plus, and MAERSK are both shipping organizations as well as a platform that helps customers choose the right logistics partner, which is why we chose these particular keywords.

Awareness Phase of Digital Marketing Campaign

We plan to officially start operating on the market in March 2022. Before making the website public, we will contact several delivery services and post them on our platform with their permission and based on our terms. To advertise the website, we plan to focus on awareness during the first month. This includes SEO marketing, creating an Instagram page with relevant information about our services, and making a Facebook account where info, reviews, and data about our clients will be published.

Paid Channels

We plan to advertise our platform through Google Ads by having four paid keywords mentioned prior. Moreover, we aim to invest in ads using 2 Instagram accounts that refer to business practices in Turkey. The micro-influencers are and the bigger channel @hamdi.ulukaya. Moreover, the YouTube page The Fortune Group Turkey will also be utilized to promote our services since it provides practical advice for start-ups and similar initiatives.


The consideration phase will include a further focus on personal accounts on Instagram and Facebook. The posts will highlight our major partners, customers, and the services that we provide with positive reviews and complimentary emails. Moreover, we will continue collaborating with the influencers that were discussed previously with an addition of a macro influencer with 1,3M followers on a business-related Instagram channel.

Paid Channels

The same paid channels will be utilized (Google Ads, Instagram, and YouTube to promote the platform). However, we will be paying for ten keywords on Google, including more rivals’ names. Moreover, one more Instagram will be added to the promotion list. In terms of YouTube, we plan to keep one channel active in terms of cooperation.

Conversion Phase of the Digital Marketing Campaign

During the conversion phase, we plan to maintain the same online presence yet focus on our pages by providing more in-depth content. This includes a guide on how to use our platform, lists of top delivery services, ways to choose the most reliable shipping, etc. Moreover, we intend to target real-life business training sessions by advertising with flyers and promoting our platform through business coaches. Furthermore, the plan is to become a co-sponsor of an event related to start-ups to attract newly established and future business owners.

Digital Marketing Expenses Table

Many businesses are interested in using digital marketing to help them build their company, but they are unsure how much it will cost. The cost guide for digital marketing generally depends on the industry, the state of the firm, and the annual budget in general. It can give an entrepreneur a sense of how much they can anticipate spending on digital marketing and what kind of return they can expect, whether they hire a marketing agency or do it themselves. Because every company is unique, a one-size-fits-all digital marketing strategy will not work. Several elements will influence the investment decision, including the size of the company, marketing objectives, marketing budget, and development timeframe.

CRM Strategies

Since we are a platform that will rely on revenue from services provided by other shipping services, we cannot offer extensive discounts. However, using the website for the first time implies a 10% discount for all new users. Moreover, we will advertise the discounts provided by companies we collaborate with. Thus, our visitors will be able to have a list of all the discounted offers for delivery services in their local areas and on international shipping.


Media expenditure is generally one of the most significant expenses for a brand’s e-commerce platforms, and as such, it represents one of the most obvious ways to boost profits.

On the one hand, the sheer volume of data collected across various media platforms that do not always “talk” to one another is exacerbating the problem. The developments in business intelligence and modeling, on the other hand, have greatly improved the situation. For brands to first develop alignment across a defined set of metrics, having a data culture in any organization is the ideal place to start.


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