Value Proposition: The Uniqueness of a Product


Any company engaged in the production and manufacture of goods and the sale of services has repeatedly thought about tactics and strategies for promoting its offers to customers. Furthermore, such processes are designated as “value propositions”, and they represent a set of methods of particular interaction and communication between a brand and a buyer. The concept explains to a potential client how a product solves the problem, written in one or two sentences and understandable to anyone. The value proposition helps to build up from competitors and, at first glance, to “hook” target customers. A value proposition is a unique, mutually beneficial solution for both buyers and companies.

Understanding of the True Meaning of Value Proposition

The authentic meaning of a true value proposition lies in the following aspects. Primarily, such “offer” correlates to the general set of impressions associated with purchases. According to Mohd Satar et al. (2019), the value proposition is often determined by the excellent relationship between benefits and sacrifices. In addition, an ideal suggestion is that a client not only enjoys a purchase but can also apply a product in action and practice (Mohd Satar et al., 2019). As practice shows, value proposition represents the answer to the question of why a consumer should buy a product from a particular company.

What Value Proposition Does for a Company

A value proposition has several specific features and characteristics. This is especially true for building relationships between a firm and a buyer. A company’s product or service corresponds to the wishes and preferences of a client – there is a magical coincidence between what an enterprise does and what people want to buy. Hence, the level of reputation and brand loyalty among consumers increases. Moreover, the value proposition determines the importance and significance of a company in the market. A well-designed and designed “solution” gives competitive and leading advantages among “opponents” (Mohd Satar et al., 2019). Thus, such a “proposal” obviously distinguishes a firm from other brands.

My Impressions of the Value Proposition

Undoubtedly, I have experienced the “effects” of the value proposition, and as a rule, this concerned those moments when I had mutual understanding and trust with a particular organization. I was well aware that I was getting a unique and unusual offer in this vein. Based on my past, I would like to share the following memories of my experience working in one of the companies. For instance, the value proposition took place even at the internal level, when each firm employee had a real opportunity to receive pleasant “compensations.” Indeed, this phenomenon concerned not only monetary rewards but also gifts for every holiday and bonuses in exchange for various household goods and entertainment. Moreover, the brand, selling its products, provided an opportunity to receive bonuses, cashback, and even a personal discount for each buyer.


In conclusion, the following main elements of the above concepts, ideas, and views should be noted. Thus, the authentic, genuine meaning of the value proposition lies in the competent presentation of the uniqueness and originality of a product or service to a customer. By purchasing goods from a firm, a client is satisfied with the purchase and has the opportunity to test it in practice. By creating such valuable offers, a corporation wins the trust and respect of shoppers and has competitive advantages among “opponents.” Moreover, indeed, each person has at least once experienced the “magic effects” of such a proposal. For example, I learned its specifics both inside the company in which I worked and outside of it.


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