Nursing. Improving Public Speaking Skills

One of my greatest strengths in nursing presentation is public speaking. Public speaking is the ability to converse with others and deliver what is needed efficiently eloquently. Eloquence in speech is among the essential aspects of effective communication and presentations. Hence, I am always on the quest to improve my public speaking skills. However, my weakness during presentations is a lack of self-confidence. This issue makes it hard to present my work to the best of my capabilities.

The best way to improve eloquence and public speaking skills is through consistent practice (North, 2020). By practicing, I get to learn better ways of presenting and engaging with my audience. Some of the efficient practicing steps include organizing the work in an orderly manner to make it easy to explain, presenting in front of my colleagues to get their feedback, and use the art of storytelling when giving the presentation (North, 2020). It is also essential to learn ways of increasing my voice and grabbing the attention of those listening to me (North, 2020). Since I already do most of this, I will perfect my public speaking skills with time.

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Lack of confidence can be caused by inadequacy in knowledge. To improve my spirit, I get to familiarize myself with my content before the presentation. It is also essential to improve my posture and gestures to charm the audience (Carnegie, 2017). Improving my memory of the things I have learned or done before is vital in increasing my confidence (Carnegie, 2017). The practice of public speaking is also essential in improving my confidence since I get to believe in myself and how I present my work (Carnegie, 2017). Looking at the strides I have made from my past presentations is another excellent way to become more confident as I analyze ways of doing things better.


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