Personal Philosophy of Nursing and Patient Care

Philosophy helps nurses define their path based on their values ​​and beliefs. Therefore, each professional needs to learn the determinants by which they will be guided in their practice.

I appreciate kindness, compassion, and a desire to help those who find themselves in difficult situations. At the same time, these values ​​ apply to my professional activities. In it, I try to show compassion and responsiveness, as well as hard work and optimism. For me, the philosophy of nursing is to serve those in need of help and apply the knowledge gained to improve patients’ quality of life tangibly.

I believe that nursing is huge work and responsibility that not every person can handle. This job implies continuous self-improvement and a selfless desire to make the lives of others easier (Qalehsari et al., 2017). I believe in the exceptional importance of this profession and its importance for all humanity.

I support the nursing need theory, the essence of which is that a nurse is obliged to assist at all stages of patient recovery. I am convinced that the patient’s health is an absolute priority in my work. Therefore, I am ready to make every effort to achieve tangible results in the form of patient recovery and their return to the normal rhythm of life.

In my professional activity, I strive to improve my skills constantly. I am considerate of the needs of my patients, and I make sure that my treatments relieve and cure my patients’ illnesses (Oldland et al., 2020). I do not allow delays in providing assistance and try not to miss the essential for the course treatment details.

The ideal nursing environment will be a setting in which professionals are free to share their experiences. The modernity of the methods used in my organization and the quality of the equipment are also essential. The combination of these factors will make up an excellent environment.

Harmony can only be achieved through effective communication between employees of a medical organization and between nurses and patients. It is crucial to correct the discovered deficiencies in time and not forget about the most important priority of work – patients’ health.

In this way, my philosophy of nursing determines how I function as a worker. It also affects my effectiveness and, consequently, the speed of recovery of patients.


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