Safety and Leadership in Nursing Practice


Nursing is a constantly developing profession in today’s health care. Qualified nurses pay special attention to safety concepts. Effective leadership is another element of successful nursing. Safety and leadership initiatives aimed at reducing medical errors, managing activities, and developing responsibilities. Workplace communication depends on how well the concepts of safety and leadership are understood.

Safety in Nursing Practice

Safety is a critical element in the workplace. Patient safety is fundamental to health care delivery. Many theories and approaches exist to promote safety in nursing practice. The healthcare environment should be safe for all patients all of the time (as cited in Giddens, 2021). Nursing professionals must adopt new knowledge and skills to offer safe services.

There are many interpretations of safety in nursing care:

  • Prevention of healthcare/medical errors;
  • Elimination of patient injury;
  • Collaborative efforts;
  • Integration of tasks within a system.

TeamSTEPPS for safety in nursing:

  • Diagnosis and treatment;
  • Prevention and optimization;
  • Collaboration, communication, and awareness.

Importance of Leadership in Nursing

Leadership is one of the old aspects of all life spheres. Nurses have to develop leadership as their main capability. Three elements include a leader, a follower, and a situation (Giddens, 2021). Leadership is a way of behaving (Wilcox, 2021). Nurse leaders are necessary to work with patients and colleagues.

Responsibilities of leaders:

  • Guidance and direction (Giddens, 2021);
  • Influence on others;
  • Decision-making;
  • Communication;
  • Support;
  • Inspiration

Safety and Leadership Impact on Nurses

  • Safety impact:
    • Common standards to follow;
    • Similar competition conditions;
    • Reduced negative patient outcomes
  • Leadership impact:
    • Well-performed organization;
    • Team-building;
    • High-level responsibilities;
    • Problem-solving.

Health Initiatives About Safety

  • The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN):
    • Ensure safety.
    • Reduce errors.
    • Training programs for collaboration and communication.
  • The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) initiative:
    • Improvement capabilities.
    • Educational support.
    • Consulting activities.

Healthy Initiatives About Leadership

The Initiative on the Future of Nursing. Implementation of nurse residency programs. Increased number of nurses. Collaboration between the medical staff. The Interdisciplinary Nursing Quality Research Initiative (INQRI). Understanding the role of nurses. Delivery of patient care. Interdisciplinary research.

Advance Workplace Communication

Choose a leader with high-level knowledge. Identify goals within a specific organizational culture. Find the most convenient communication methods. Conduct surveys and gather feedback. Follow a regular and safe order.


Nursing practice is constantly changing. Safety is a vital concept in nursing. Nurse leaders have many responsibilities and obligations. Health initiatives promote safety and leadership. Workplace communication is determined by multiple concepts.


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