Steps Towards Implementing Evidence-Based Nursing

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic pressure, primary attention has been paid to urgent care and short-term solutions to the overburdening hospital beds and the staff’s burnout. As a result, when it comes to education and research, nurses and physicians are left with no desire to willingly dedicate their time to evidence-based practice (EBP). However, besides the lack of time, the primary barrier to EBP solutions, as stated by Duncombe (2018), is that nurses require more resources and training in the meaningful analysis and use of existing scholarly data. In the Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Florida, there is little emphasis on the implications of EBP and its efficient use. As a result, nurses perceive evidence search and analysis as a time-consuming and extremely challenging task that intimidates rather than encourages them to learn.

In order to make the transition to EBP use less challenging for the nurses, the administration should spend enough time educating the nurses on the data analysis. According to Luciano et al. (2019), the first step in introducing the EBP to the context of the facility is to understand what data can be localized and implemented in the setting. Hence, by conducting preliminary research, nurses can learn to filter the intimidating number of scholarly findings and pay attention solely to the ones suitable for the facility. In order to achieve this, hospital administration needs to define the criteria for data localization. In such a way, nurses and physicians will have guidelines for navigating and processing evidence. After this step, the changes will seem more approachable and tangible for the facility, creating a beneficial environment for growth and change.


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