The Role of Color in Marketing

How consumers behave and the decisions they make are largely influenced by color. In the article, “In the age of digital marketing, are colors important for a brand?” by Shivaji Dasgupta, with the significance that color adds to the success of marketing, organizations cannot negotiate against color. Dasgupta shows that “brands in modern marketing must consider color as conversation partner friends but not as blinding authorities or rather binding.” Color power becomes a tool for designers and marketers when influencing consumer behavior. Color is responsible for shaping consumer moods and seasons and is believed to be successful in winning an overwhelming majority of customers for organizations. In a digital era, color serves a significant role in how firms communicate recall and salience among their clients. Therefore, they are associated with emotions, integrity, and rationality (Dasgupta). For marketers, understanding the value attributed to color enables them to establish the two rational pillars for choice, authenticity and familiarity. As such, it becomes critical that marketers and designers incorporate the significance of color since it becomes an associated brand sense’s shortcut.

The competitive nature of businesses means that product sequences are reduced. Therefore, the responsibility of designers and marketers is to ensure the most effective and significant tactics are used to lock consumers to their products. An organization’s marketing success relies on brand dependability, sales, trustworthiness, and translation. However, these are influenced by effective and smart color psychology applications leading to delicate variations in color disposition, administrations, and patterns. Promotional marketing relies on the efficient use of color, and a company’s campaign or brand is easily confused due to consumer misinterpretation.

In business, the art of persuasion for most outlets and retailers influences how products are sold. In the article “The Psychology Of Color Perception In Marketing” by The Drum, most firms copyright their color schemes since they desire to initiate an association with their consumers. Simultaneously, several aspects influence shoppers’ decision to obtain a product when they enter a store. Indirect cues and pictorial pleas are the most familiar inspirations in a retail channel and far from product location; the decision to acquire depends on positioning and the power of color. When promoting the latest products, marketers must consider the implication of color in procurement choices. The Drum shows from research that “using an attractive color scheme is significant since it helps an organization to strengthen its identity and brand.” Once the issue of affordability is handled, how a product appeals to the consumer becomes the major influence in purchasing.

Color is associated with emotions and how people feel and look. Therefore, the decision to buy is impacted by how an individual feels. Color choice is accountable for the level of interaction firms encounter with their consumers since they are responsible for unforgettable and strong pictures. The choice consumers make to walk toward their preferred product depends on its color. As such, only when a consumer’s favorite color is on a product is when they drawn to it and consider purchasing. A successful marketing strategy becomes powerful only when a purchase decision is influenced by color, smell, texture, or design. That is why organizations such as Coca-Cola, Netflix, Target, YouTube, and Heinz prefer to use the color red since they believe it creates a sense of urgency in the consumers. Red brings out the feeling of being alert, safety, physical self, and being able to survive.

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