Why People Exercise

Exercise and physical activity have been one of the most discussed topics in recent decades. A wide range of experts in healthcare, fitness, beauty and wellness industries constantly speak of benefits that people can have once they start to exercise regularly. The types of exercise can differ according to the reasons that people may have to start exercising. The most common reasons include weight loss, improving physical abilities and preventing mental health problems, and the effects of exercising have proved to be helpful in achieving all these goals.

One of the main reasons why people exercise is to lose excess weight, since sports and physical activity, when combined with better dietary habits, are among the most efficient ways to do it. The reasons for this intention, in turn, can differ as well. First, overweight people are at greater risk of certain health problems, so, in many cases, doctors can recommend them to lose weight to get healthier. For example, when someone has a heart condition, they may be instructed to drop the extra pounds, because excess weight can put them at higher risk of a heart attack (Swift, et al. 209). Second, many people lose weight because they do not like the way they look. Specifically, some people tend to start exercising so that they can fit back into clothes that they can no longer wear due to their weight gain. Therefore, weight loss is currently among the most common motivating factors that encourage people to start exercising.

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Another reason why people exercise is to improve their physical abilities. Because exercise helps to increase strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility, many people choose to do it regularly to prevent health problems that may arise due to the lack of these abilities. For example, if a person regularly does some kind of exercise, they will not feel tired when climbing the stairs or their heart rate will not increase when they carry the shopping bags. This reason is very important in the elderly, because regular and moderate exercise will help older people with daily tasks such as tying shoelaces or taking the dog for a walk.

Finally, the third reason why increasingly large numbers of people choose to spend their time exercising has to do with the benefits that physical activity brings to mental health and psychological well-being of an individual. With stress, anxiety and depressive disorders being some of the main features of the modern world, people seek for ways to overcome these mental health problems. The study by Mikkelsen, et al. presents findings on how regular exercise can “improve mental health and lessen symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress” (48). Raising public awareness on how mental health can benefit from exercise, medical experts and advisors encourage people to do physical activity to prevent such conditions.

In sum, the reasons why people exercise are plentiful, as are the effects of different types of physical activities. The most common reasons include losing excess weight to keep fit or to eliminate certain health risks, improving physical abilities and preventing mental health problems. People make hundreds of choices each day, but one of the most important ones is to take care of their health. Choosing to exercise regularly is among the best and most important decisions a person can make to feel better and live a longer, happier life.

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