Promoting a Healthy Work Environment

Maintaining a healthy environment is the obligation of everyone working in the care setting. The owners and managers at the workplace are primarily responsible for ensuring their employees, visitors, and clients’ safety. It is their managing duty to hire someone who will carry out continuous risk assessments at the job place to ensure they meet the required standards (Kelly & Todd, 2017). On the other hand, employees are supposed to be knowledgeable and adhere to the health safety regulations.

Several strategies exist in promoting a healthy work environment during this pandemic. Educating the employees about the associated health hazards is the cornerstone of ensuring workplace safety. The workplace management should give their juniors training on promoting healthy job surroundings (Kelly & Todd, 2017). Adequate knowledge will empower the workplace to desist from hazardous activities that would jeopardize their health and that of their colleagues. In my workplace, posters were placed in strategic locations reminding people to wear masks and wash their hands regularly to curb the coronavirus’s spread.

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Patient safety is multidimensional, and both ethical and legal considerations should be taken into account in healthcare delivery. Ethical and legal issues, including the protection of private information, are required in promoting client safety. Regulation exists guiding the type of information that healthcare professionals can disclose (Kelly & Todd, 2017). Lack of adherence to these regulations may lead to psychological or social harm to the patient. Quality healthcare delivery is one of the core components of multidimensional care and is determined by the clients. According to me, multidimensional healthcare focuses on the patient’s health needs and the community’s health requirements, and the general population. Therefore, the integration of individuals’ and communities’ factors are essential in measuring healthcare success.


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