Developing Maximal Neuromuscular Power

The article called ‘Developing Maximal Neuromuscular Power’ is written by professional physiologists and medical workers who are patinate about their world and the industry in general. The article’s main idea is to present the importance of neuromuscular function in human’s everyday life and the activities people complete. There are two main parts of the research, and they are oriented on theoretical knowledge of all the functions and practical use on specific examples from real life.

The main finding of the research is mechanisms of muscles and their relations, nerve function of muscles and how they affect motor units, and how muscles react in the surrounding environment. Cormie et al. (2011) described these three main aspects that should be taken under consideration by workers in the healthcare industry. Moreover, this article might be useful for people who want to stay healthy and be more aware of possible changes in their bodies. The biological structure of the body is different for everyone, and this factor was the main limitation to conducting research that can completely confirm or deny statements provided by authors. Such unique functions as firing frequency and synchronization between muscles can be defined as the major biological limitations (Cormie et al., 2011). Nevertheless, the research provided medical workers with the bias to find out more about biological differences and how neuromuscular functions can be affected depending on different body constructions.

The article is mainly oriented on the use of the study in sport and activities which are integral parts of life. Experts in the sporting sphere pay extra attention to the condition of muscles (Hewett et al., 2017). Consequently, special training programs and more efficient sports techniques can be created by understanding how a neuromuscular system is built and how much time is needed for recreation.


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Hewett, T. E., Ford K. R. & Xu, Y. Y. (2017). Effectiveness of neuromuscular training based on the neuromuscular risk profile. PubMed, 45(9), 2142-2147. .

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