Social Media Strategies and Marketing

The Krusty Krab Restaurant

Establishing a restaurant’s identity begins with naming it as image and identity are intertwined. Having an appropriate name for the restaurant may help the owner grow their business and attract more customers simultaneously. This paper aims to show how the hypothetical establishment, the Krusty Krab Restaurant, may employ social media marketing to its advantage. The name of this restaurant is based on a kids’ cartoon show known as SpongeBob SquarePants. The show’s central character works at a restaurant called the Krusty Krab as a chef, a job he seems to enjoy. Since the show is popular among young children, the target group of the Krusty Krab Restaurant is young children and their parents. Due to a well-known name, the restaurant’s operations are likely to get outstanding.

This restaurant has a primary goal of combining elements that the public can easily relate to and expanding the number of customers across the hospitality sector. The products of the restaurants are fast foods such as fries, chicken, burgers, sausages, and soft drinks such as sodas. As the restaurant is designed to offer recreational services to children, there are activities organized for the children, such as bouncing castles, face painting, clowns, and swimming facilities convenient for children. This trademark’s central message is to encourage creativity and diversity in business activities and boost performance, avoiding monotony in the hospitality industry.

Analysis of the Brand Performance

Many factors contribute to a company’s brand image or intangible value, and these factors are all examined in the context of brand performance. When it comes to making a purchase, the brand impression quickly becomes one of the most important considerations. Customers’ opinion of a brand is more powerful than the financial value that a firm may generate through its earnings. The performance of the restaurant’s brand will be analyzed using the following strategies.

Creation of a suitable website for the restaurant

Creating a suitable website for the restaurant involves hiring an expert from Information Technology. The expert’s role will be to update the public, that is, people who use the internet, on the products and services provided by the restaurant. They will be required to monitor the web traffic on the page and give a general report to the management to determine the company website’s effect on the clients likely to visit the restaurant. This may be done only in the initial stages of setting up the restaurant to increase its popularity within a short period.

The professional hired must regularly update the restaurant’s website with pictures, videos, and testimonies from happy clients. A catchy phrase or a tune to accompany these selected promotion methods may lead to more clients (Tuten, 2020). If customers have any questions or suggestions for improving the restaurant’s service, they should contact the establishment using the website’s contact information. This will demonstrate to customers the warmth and friendliness of the restaurant’s personnel and encourage them to become more involved in the day-to-day operations of the establishment.

Creation of social media pages

Businesses have had the most success spreading their messages using Facebook, Instagram, and telegram. Facebook was found to be more convenient as most of the application users are parents. Therefore, posting information about the restaurant on Facebook reaches the target audience directly. When a large audience views a post on Facebook, their connection will boost the number of interactions through likes, comments, and shares. The advertisements page on Facebook can compute the overall number of interactions in a post. Telegram groups have also been recently used for advertising businesses. Members of a Telegram group can connect via a chat. The group is better managed under the guidance of a few designated administrators. Loyal consumers may aid new prospects by addressing questions about the firm’s product or service in a group setting.

Instagram was also effective as it is very convenient for posting pictures. Pictures posted on the restaurant’s Instagram page may be food, recreational facilities, and happy clients. This is because the pictures are easily shareable by the users. It is also essential that posting is done regularly to ensure that the target audience is constantly reminded of the place to be (Opresnik, 2018). Pictures should be taken professionally of each of the foods offered to inform the customers of the diversity provided by the restaurant. Professional capturing of the photos enables them to look mouthwatering and entice the customer.

The same professional hired to oversee the website should also oversee the restaurant’s social media pages. He should ensure regular posting on these pages to ensure that our customers are aware of any changes regarding the restaurant. These pages should contain information such as the restaurant’s location and the numbers to contact in case of inquiries or complaints. Most social media platforms have recently introduced account options for tracking the performance of posts. It is essential to regularly follow the performance of the restaurant’s social media pages to ensure a direct relationship with the clients.

Content for the 14-day appearance of the brand

In preparing texts for publication, it is crucial to compose an introduction that is simple and likely to capture the public’s attention. If the publication is to be done online, it is essential to use the return key only when starting a new paragraph and avoid the tab key. Use the space bar only to put a space between words or sentences and use the word processor’s built-in styles. The clean-up tool is used to ensure a thorough presentation review and to avoid small mistakes.

Posters should also be well designed and shared through various social media platforms. Adding relevant photos of the company’s products serves a significant role in enticing potential customers. Good captions that are well understood by the target audience should also be added. The frequency with which publications are released establishes the norms for the publication process. Almost as much as content quality, they can significantly influence incoming metrics. To create an audience, win over leads, and close new clients, it is essential to have good norms laid down. The publication frequencies to be used may include:

Review by Peers

The peer-review process comprises all the parties engaged in running the firm. Stakeholders include clients as well as employees and even rivals in the organization. The evaluation is carried out to guarantee that the management is always on the lookout for ways to improve the functioning of the company’s operations. The review process should be well customized for reliable feedback to be received.

The policy of Open Access

Customers are much intrigued when a business assures their comfort since they feel at ease when engaging with other customers within the firm’s facilities. The business should provide a suitable environment for all people, especially a family-oriented setting. People of all types will be encouraged to engage in relevant interactions with the firm because of the policy, which will also increase the openness of corporate operations.

Ethics needed in publication

To comply with some of the most critical ethical criteria for advertising, everyone engaged in developing and distributing commercial adverts must thoroughly review what they create and prevent all possible infractions. The publication must therefore be in line with advertising ethical values. Anything that goes against the ethics laid down by the government may lead to the closure of the business and face legal action.

Policies governing arising Conflict of Interests

When all employees are thoroughly informed on the conflict of interest that may arise, they need to bring it to management’s attention. Clear and elaborate guidelines will reduce conflicting interests since they should be favorable to the staff, customers, suppliers, and management to provide a conducive working environment. Establishing a well-structured reporting mechanism between employees and management might help develop an open ad clear communication channel.

Informed consent

All company stakeholders must give their informed consent before any operations are carried out on their behalf. The stakeholders must also engage in the decision-making processes appropriately. Consumers are educated on the legal aspects of informed consent through this policy. Decision-making risks and costs are examined, and situations that may not meet the criteria for valid, competent, and voluntary consent are evaluated.

Publication frequency helps determine the average number of issues that have arisen during a particular period. It also makes informed decisions dealing with the problems in the future to avoid repetition of points. The publication must include videos and photos to provide a more visual understanding of the topic at hand. These graphical images in the business advertisement make the client feel like a part of the team. Therefore, would want to participate in the restaurant’s activities just like a good team member. This will result in a more significant profit margin for the business and the general economic sector.


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